How to Make Witch Shoes for Halloween

Making Halloween costumes is always a treat for kids and adults alike. It is the time when you bring out all your horror fantasies and paint yourself with them to celebrate this festival. Making scary costumes is not the only thing you have to do for Halloween but you will need other accessories along with it to complete the package. Assuming you have decided to take on the get up of a witch, your costume will not look complete until you make witch shoes along with it. You can simply transfer your old pair of shoes into witch shoes.


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    If you have a pair of old shoes at home, its fine, otherwise you can look out for them at thrift shops, estate sales and resale shops to have one. It is better to have ankle high, lace-up boots with chunky heel. Older the shoes appear, fitter they will be for making the witch shoes.

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    Carefully remove the lace from the shoes and then use a fine sand paper to grind the entire shoe surface gently, giving it a bit rough look.

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    Use a fine mesh sculpting wire to make a cone-shaped extension for your witch shoes. The cone should be about 4 inches long and its base should tightly fit the toe of the shoes.

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    Make the extended toe a bit flattened and curving upwards by using your hands.

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    Next you have to wrap up the wire armature in strips of black cotton fabric completely, so that it may look like a part of the shoe. Use a glue gun to affix the strips on the underside of the armature.

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    Place several layers of newspapers on a table and start mixing a papier mache modelling paste on it. Once thoroughly mixed, apply a thin layer of paste upon the wire armature on both of the shoes. Conceal the seam by applying the paste on the juncture of the armature and the shoe.

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    The papier mache will need about 24 hours to completely dry. Until then, you can apply several coats of black paint on the shoes. Let one coat dry before applying the next layer of paint over it.

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    Knot black or gold ribbon on both shoes after passing them through the uppermost grommet. You can also add few dots of gold glitter paint on the toes of your shoes.

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