How to Plan a Romantic Weekend Getaway

Spending a romantic weekend with your partner is just what you need to inject new life to the relationship and exhibit your love towards him/her. In today’s hectic world, work is the biggest adversary to love life, which forces us to ignore the ones we love and enjoy some quality time with them.

Romantic weekend spices up the relationship and if you are having some troubles then this is the occasion to mend fences and give the relationship a new meaning. Keep reading this article to learn more about how to plan a romantic weekend getaway.


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    The first thing is to look at the budget at your disposal. You can only plan a weekend away from your home if you know how much that is going to cost you and how much you can actually afford.

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    Plan the weekend keeping your partner in mind. If s/he can’t make it due to work or some other reason then there is no point in wasting your energies. It is always suggested never to plan a surprise weekend getaway because chances are that it will end up bad with you left all by yourself and your partner busy somewhere else.

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    Once it has been finalised that you guys are going to spend the weekend together, clear all other obligations beforehand.

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    You need to take input from your partner as visiting a place which s/he doesn’t like will spoil the mood. It is better to select places that are convenient for both of you.

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    Since it is only going to be a weekend,  it is recommended that you choose a location which is near your home so that you are not exhausted after travel.

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    It is always better to travel via your own car as the sightseeing will keep you fresh and you can always make a pit stop for some refreshments.

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    Always plan to carry light luggage as you do not want to drag heavy bags everywhere. Just pack lightly and carry only the essentials.

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    Make a list of all the things you want to do over the weekend and try to make sure you do them before returning home.

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    Leave work-related stuff behind and let your bosses know that you will not be responding to any calls. It is better to leave your phones behind or at least just limit their use when you are on a romantic weekend getaway.

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    Always make arrangements for a house sitter or a pet sitter, to look after your house and pets while you are away.

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