How to Write a Platonic Valentine

Every year, millions of people send a Valentine to their lovers and friends. However, when sending a Valentine to a close friend, there is one thing you should be extremely careful with; the recipient should never get the wrong idea. You do not ruin a perfectly good friendship due to a misunderstanding as the whole Valentine’s Day is usually associated with love and couples. Writing a platonic Valentine is an art which we must learn before sending a Valentine to either friends or relatives. If you want to write a platonic Valentine then follow these guidelines to help you out.


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    Think about why you want to send a valentine to a particular person. Be sincere to him or her and yourself. Are your objectives non sexual or some part of you is expecting something more? For those who are not sure about their feelings, they should think twice before sending a Valentine. Make sure that your Valentine is not conveying the wrong message which could actually harm your relationship.

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    Words should always be chosen with a lot of care. If possible, do not use the word “Love” at all. Phrases expressing your feelings about the recipient should also be avoided at all times. Proofread what you have written several times to avoid disappointment later on. Make sure that you have someone else read your Valentine so that they can give some honest feedback on whether or not it is appropriate for your situation.

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    Instead of going for lavish and flowery Valentines; go for entertaining, humorous ones. It is a recommended practice to write your message on an empty card rather than sending a printed card. If it is funny or humorous then the seriousness of the Valentine can easily be negated. Remember the goal is to give a platonic Valentine without any sort of hidden meanings or insinuating issues.

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    Avoid writing anything related to romance and sex in your Valentine, unless the receiver would comprehend your irony. Messages or comments which are meaningless on any other day might seem to have some sort of meaning on Valentine’s Day. Therefore, you should be very careful when choosing words. Everything should be clear and your message should not be vague or confusing.

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    Be sincere and let the recipient know how much you care for him or her and why is they are so special to you. If possible, discuss memorable events that help make this person unique to you. Try to do something different with your Valentine so that it remains platonic and easily understood by the other person.

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