How to Decorate Yard for Halloween

It’s Halloween! So wake up and turn your simple yard into a landscape that is evenly fear-provoking and enthralling to grab the attention of your guests, neighbors and the trick-or-treaters. The planning for decorating yard for Halloween itself is fun activity where you come up with some unique and interesting ideas. You really have to be resourceful planner, using simple decorations that cost little to form and leads to a spooky ambiance. Keep the main theme of Halloween in mind and use right probs to create an eerie and ghoulish yard. You will find hundreds of ideas online to decorate your yard, but the ones given below are not only simple but cost effective as well. So enjoy your Halloween within the given below simple but attractive ideas:


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    Inspect your yard

    Inspect your yard and design a layout. Get an idea that how to best utilize the available space. If you are decorating your yard for the purpose of conducting a Halloween party, then make sure to use few selective probs in order to make sure that you have space available to entertain your guests as well.

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    Halloween’s decorations look incomplete without pumpkins. Carve the pumpkins the way you want and imprint or paint various images on them. You can make spiders, smiley, insects, skeleton face, and eyeballs on them or simply place a witch hat at the top for scary look. Once you decorate the pumpkins, place them on different corners of your yard or arrange them on a large table.

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    Monster or wizard

    Although you can purchase a decorated monster of wizard from your nearest market, it is much more entertaining to make a monster yourself. Stuff together the extra or old pant, boots, and shirt to make the body of the monster or wizard. Use a marker to make its eyes nose and mouth. Now, add the artificial monster or wizard hands and mask to it in order to give it a natural monster look. Set a chair in the center or entrance of your yard and place the handmade monster or wizard on it.

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    Halloween Ghosts

    Take some medium white cloth pieces and make ghost’s eyes and mouths on them, using black marker. Now, hang them from metal spikes or wood.  Set the ghosts in a circle or along the edge of your yard. Enjoy your ghosts swinging freely in the wind or air.

    Note: It is better to use heat-resistant fabric in order to avoid the danger of fire due to the lightings or candles around.

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    Set up Cemetery

    Select some old stones from the area of your house and coat it with black or grey spray paint to give it a tombstone look. Install the tombstones on different parts of your yard.

  • 6

    Fake cobwebs or spider webs

    Cover the trees and fence of your lawn with some fake cobweb or spider web to create a lawn invasion of uncanny crawling insects. In case if you cannot afford the artificial spider or cob webs, then take some large rocks black and paint it black. Add some black metal legs and spread out creepy spiders across the grass.

  • 7

    Decorate the trees of your yard

    Grab the white plastic bags and fill them with old newspapers. Seal them and make ghost’s eyes and mouth on them. Tie threads to them and hang them on the branches of the trees in your yard.

  • 8

    Creepy Lightings

    Decorate your lawn with creepy lightings like the pumpkin lights, skeleton lights, spider lights and witch lights etc.

  • 9

    Decorate the entrance gate

    Cover the entrance gate of your yard with artificial spider webs and lightings. You can set a skeleton along the entrance of the yard for a creepy welcome. Take an old wooden block and write some warning letters on it, using paint or markers. For example, you can write something like “Danger” “Stop” or “Boo” etc.

  • 10

    Install a fog machine

    Install a fog machine in your yard to enhance the overall spooky environment of your yard. It will be giving out smoke to give more natural terrifying look.

  • 11

    Scary music

    Play a CD with scary music for a really grim and bloodcurdling affect to your Halloween yard.

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    Your nicely decorate spooky Yard is all set to rock your Halloween, Enjoy!

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