How to Celebrate National Jelly Bean Day

The April 22 is celebrated as National Jelly Bean Day. Make sure not to ignore your kids if they ask you to buy something sweet and present them the pack of the colorful bean shaped confectioneries, known as jellybeans. There are various types of Jelly Beans available in the market and each offers a variety of flavors. The more varieties you have of the delicious Jelly Beans, the better celebrations you are likely to have on the Jelly Bean Day. In case if this interesting day is falling on a holiday then there can be a lot of fun. You can allow your kids invite their friends in a small get-together or party. The celebration of National Jelly Bean Day should just not involve eating the jellybeans in bulk but there can be some creative activities to make this day a remarkable one.


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    Wish your loved ones

    Do not forget to wish your loved ones a very Happy Jelly Bean Day. Type a beautiful message regarding the Jelly Bean Day and send it to your friends, family members, and colleagues. You can also send a beautiful card. However, if you want to send a handmade card, then make sure to relate it to the Jelly Bean Day by making cute jellybeans or writing relevant quotations.

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    Jelly Bean Collection

    Jellybean collection can be a good activity on National Jelly Bean Day. A group of friends can try to collect different types of jellybeans in order to make your own unique collection. Once there are some good numbers of Jelly Beans collected, they should be shared between the friends.

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    Jelly Bean Portrait

    The jellybeans can be used to make a portrait as well. Try to organize a Jelly Bean Portrait Competition. Ask the participant to make the portrait of their favorite personality or character with the help of colorful jellybeans.

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