How to Celebrate National Telephone Day

Switch off your mobile phones today and wait for someone to call you on the landline number. One thing is for sure that whosoever will call you is going to ask the reason for switching off your mobile phone. If this is so, then you should answer the caller by saying Happy National Telephone Day. Still if the caller does not understand, what you mean then tell him or her that today is April 25 and it is being celebrated as National Telephone Day. The purpose of celebrating the National Telephone Day is to highlight its importance of this great device and to give tribute to Alexander Graham Bell who invented this remarkable device for us. Like many other days in the year, this day can also be turned into a special one if you come up with some unique ideas to celebrate it.


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    Wish your loved ones

    Wishing your loved ones a very Happy National Telephone Day can be one good reason to have some chitchat. Try to call those friends, colleagues, and relatives with whom you may not have been in contact for quite some time. Keeping in view that this day has something to do with the typical landline phone so better call on the landline number instead of cell number.

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    Sharing Information

    Some of our young generation might be very unaware of the importance of regular landline phone since they have seen mobile phones right from their first day in this world. If you are a schoolteacher or have some school going kids, then one good thing to do is share this information with them. In school, you ask the kids to draw some pictures of telephone and their different types in past and present.

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    Make a telephone Cake

    There is a possibility that you might be expecting some guests this special day at your place. If it happens to be a dinner then you must be having some plans for the sweet dish or desserts to be served after dinner. Just try something different by baking or placing an order for a cake shape like a regular telephone. Do not forget to write a Happy National Telephone Day on the top of the cake.

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