Facts about PI Day & Activities to Perform

For most people, pi (π) is just a ratio of the perimeter of a circle to its diameter. But how much do you know about the interesting history and facts related to this magical mathematical constant? The world’s love for Pie is undeniable; International Pi Day is celebrated on March 14 as an unofficial holiday. Now you might be thinking about the relationship of Pi and March 14? Their relationship is quiet simple – Pi is approximately equal to 3.14159 and March 14 is 3/14. The first three digits of pie (3.14) are in the month/day format of March. The mathematicians, teachers, scientists, math students, museum directors, and everyone else who love math have gone crazy about Pi, celebrating the number with great pomp and show. Now days, pi day’s celebrations are touching the skies – it is celebrated online and live.

Now if you are planning to celebrate pi day, then there are numerous ideas that you can consider to make March 14 fun and interesting celebration of your life.


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    Throw a Pi Day Party

    Make some simple arrangement at your place to celebrate the pi day with your friends and loved ones.  You do not need to make it expensive as you can make it interesting games, food and competitions etc.

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    Share Pi Day’s Interesting History

    Your friends might not be aware of the interesting history behind the Pi Day. So make a great start of your party with a brief history of celebration, which is as stated below:

    The first ever party in the honor of this mathematical constant began the year when Larry Shaw (famous physicist) looked at the calendar and said, "Oh its March 14 - it's the number pi (3.14, for those of you who have over and done with your grade-school math). It should be a Pi Day. Let's celebrate then!" All of his colleagues joined him and they ordered some pies for the staff members of the San Francisco science museum (where Larry Shaw was rendering services). Thus, this minor celebration gave birth to a great tradition in the history of the world.

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    Create some Pi Day Atmosphere

    Make the environment around you evocative of pi by putting on pi shirt. You can buy it from market or can customize your own one. All you need is a plain shirt – use some fabric paints, glitters and sprays to fill it pi signs and some messages or quotes related to the day. You can design some shirts for the invited guests or your family members as well.

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    Prepare and Eat Pie Food

    Pi is also a food – what if the eatable one is spelled p-i-e. Both pronounce same, so they make a relationship. So win the hearts of your friends and family with some Pie Foods on March 14. Blueberry Pie, Mango Peach Pie, Buttermilk Pie, Pineapple Coconut Pie, Chicken Pot Pie, Southern Traditional Pecan Pie, Mississippi Mud Pie, Sour Cream Blueberry Pie, Wild Huckleberry Pie, Frito Chili Pies, and Tofu Cheese Pie are some of the easy-to-make and delicious pies that you can make at home.

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    Share few strange facts about Pi Day

    Looking for some SPICE for your pi day celebrations? Then wow the participants with a few strange facts about pi day. Given below are some facts that they probably didn't know before:

    - Pi (π) is also referred as “Ludolph’s number” Archimedes’ constant,” and “circular constant.”
    - Besides other famous personalities’ birthdays, Albert Einstein's birthday also falls on March 14 – means pi day.
    - Pi has been studied by humans for more or less four thousand years.
    - The symbol for pi (π) has been used in mathematics for only 250 years.
    - Pi (π) is the most renowned math symbol in the world.
    - Pi and the letter “p” are both 16th letters.
    - Computer is known for its ability to solve complicates mathematical problems with few seconds, but computing pi is a serious stress for it. In short, computers can’t work out pi.
    - It is just unworkable to hit upon the perimeter of a circle without knowing the correct value of pi.

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    Have Fun with Pi Day Games

    There are several Pi day related games that you can conduct during your celebration, which are not only fun but good sources to perk up your understanding of pi. Given below are some games that you can conduct easily:

    - Pie-eating Contest
    - Math Quiz
    - Pi Day versions of Jeopardy" or "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" etc
    - Pi Day Scavenger Hunt
    - Einstein-themed trivia game
    - Einstein impersonator contest
    - Derive Pi Contest

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    Send Pi Day Cards

    If you are not conducting any Pi Day party, then wish your loved ones by sending them infinite wishes with a beautiful Pi Card. You can make your own card at home or can purchase a one from book shops. Moreover, take advantage free online cards at some of the popular websites like 123greetings.com.

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