National Cheeseball Day Overview

Like many days in the history that are associated with events or incidents, there are days that are associated with certain dishes and edibles as well. One such day is the 17th of April, which is known as the National Cheeseball Day. When talking about cheese balls, it must be understood that these are not ordinary ones that are cheaply available in shops. Instead, these cheese balls are quite different in a way that there is a unique recipe involved in their preparation. Once prepared, they are decorated in a special way if they need to be served in a party. Hence, we can say that it is a special kind of dish that is prepared on special occasions. As 17th of April is associated with this dish, so it is good to know about the background for the sake of knowledge.


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    Origin and History

    There is not much information available about the origin or creation of this day. However, there are reasonable documentations that support its existence, confirming that the day is being celebrated for a number of years. However, there are no official records to prove that the day is to be observed as a National Day. Nevertheless, since it has to do something with food & drink, so it can be celebrated publicly as desired.

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    About Cheeseballs

    Some people may think that the cheese balls discussed here are the same cheese balls that are bright orange, marble-sized snacks that even make fingers become orange in color. Infact, the cheese balls discussed here are the ones that are served with crackers in parties appetizers. They are made of cream cheese, cheddar cheese, nuts, salt, pepper, garlic, and Worcestershire sauce. A few more ingredients and flavours can be added according to individual tastes.

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    Celebrating National Cheeseball Day

    17th April is normally not a holiday unless falling over the weekend. However, if you want to celebrate this day as National Cheeseball Day, then the best thing to do is to prepare and serve cheese balls to family or friends. For more information, kindly visit How to Celebrate National Cheeseball Day.

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