Kindergarten Day Overview

A person goes through a series of stages during his or her educational career. Starting from the school, one stage proves to be the most memorable of all and that is the Kindergarten stage. No matter how busy you are today in your professional life, remembering past and particularly the days of your childhood is always full of fun. If you really want to miss some days from kindergarten phase of your career, then April 21 is perhaps the right one as it is celebrated as Kindergarten Day all around the world. There is a possibility that many of you may not know about origin and background of this day, which can be good information to know. Go through this complete guide in order know about the interesting story behind the origin of Kindergarten Day and to get an idea how to celebrate it.


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    History and Origin

    The Kindergarten Day is observed in order to honor the contribution of Friedrich Froebel who started the first Kindergarten in Germany in 1837. He was born on April 21, 1782 and this is why this day is associated with him and the remarkable creation that he left behind. Friedrich was the genius who introduced innovative activities in order to make education interesting for children. The kindergarten activities of learning include playing songs, drawing, design, and other artistic activities.

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    Importance of Kindergarten Day

    Many of you may possibly wonder that why observing Kindergarten Day is important? If we look upon the process of educating people, the hardest task is to educate children particularly those of the elementary or kindergarten stage. It was all because of Friedrich Froebel that the job today has become a lot easier. Observance of this day is actually honoring the creator of Kindergarten. Besides, celebration of this day also recalls the exciting, nervous, and anxious time for mother and child being in Kindergarten.

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    Kindergarten Day Celebration

    You can organize some healthy activities in order to celebrate the Kindergarten Day. It may not be possible for anyone to get to that golden period of life. However, if you have kids in the kindergarten, then you can make this day a special one for them. Check out How to Celebrate Kindergarten Day and enjoy!

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