How to Celebrate Earth Week with your Kids

The very first Earth day was celebrated on April 22, 1970. Some people extend the celebration to make it Earth week. Earth week normally runs from April 16th to Earth day or it is the week in which Earth day comes in. You should cherish this important day and its creatures, while telling your children to adapt eco-friendly habits and sustainability. You can make small changes to help improve the environment. Therefore, there are a number of ways to celebrate Earth week with your kids and family.


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    Increase your knowledge about the Earth

    You can play video games, watch TV shows and have fun activities with your kids to enjoy the Earth and the people living in it. You can watch a movie that inspires and highlights the story of a human being living on the planet. Universe is so vast and Earth pulls surprises every now and then. There is so much on Earth that you can never discover everything.

    Go have an adventure in the jungle or amusement park. Watch National Geographic channel to learn more about the animals. They are remarkable and their behaviour is amazing to observe. Then tell your kids about the endangered species and the animals that have been extinct, and existed in the old ages.

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    Go out on foot

    You can leave your car at home this week and walk or ride a bicycle whenever you need to go out. When you go to school, work or to run some errands, just walk and enjoy the beauty of this planet Earth. Moreover, the routine won’t be hectic as you can get to places by human-powered vehicles.

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    Cleaning up the Earth

    You should clean up the community and consider it as an important aspect of your life. Some sections of the society have devised clean-up projects that become active for a couple of times each week. Get in touch with the parks and recreational departments to know how you and your friends can help clean the parks, beaches, school areas or other public places.

    On the other hand, it is highly recommended to reduce, reuse and recycle each day of the year. A number of families make it a habit to recycle but don’t indulge in reducing stuff or reusing things. You can stop buying items that have heavy packing on them so that there is minimised waste. Also stop purchasing unnecessary stuff that you don’t need.

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