How to Make Halloween Egg Sighting

If you believe Easter is the only time eggs are in huge demand, then you are completely wrong, as you can incorporate eggs into celebrations all year long.

For example, you can try making eggs on Halloween, which your kids, as well as adult family members will surely like.

It is really easy to make Halloween eggs, provided you know the right process.

Things Required:

– Eggs: 1 dozen
– Food Colour: 1/2 teaspoon
– Salt: As per requirement
– Water: As per requirement


  • 1

    Take eggs and place them at the bottom of kettle. Pour water over them till they are completely dipped in water.

    Now place the kettle on the stove.

  • 2

    If desired, you can also add a small amount of salt into the water. The salt in water will make the water to boil at 212 degrees. This will in turn help you to peel pff the egg skin easily.

    Similarly, you can also add a small amount of vinegar, as this will keep the whites from oozing into water, in case of any breakage.

  • 3

    When you find the water coming to boil, cover the kettle and remove it from the stove. Keep the kettle covered for around 15 minutes. This will restrict the eggs from getting overcooked.

  • 4

    Drain water from the kettle and run cold water over the eggs, for few minutes, until they cool down. Running cold water over hot eggs will make it much easier for you to remove the shells, and will also stop the cooking process.

  • 5

    Dry the surface of the eggs after they are completely cool down. You can decorate them by making eyeballs using food colour. Now place the eggs into the refrigerator to get them chilled.

  • 6

    The eggs are now ready. You can serve them on your buffet table, along with Chicken Feet Soup, Finger Sandwiches and any other thing you want.

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