Professional Secretary’s Day Overview

In modern world we cannot think of an office without a Secretary and to acknowledge the importance of this post, Professional Secretary’s day is celebrated on third Thursday in April. A secretary or an administrative assistant has an important role to play of a communication link between the company and clients. The administrative assistance provided by a secretary always has a significant part in the development of a company which is usually on the back end and thus not able to get the required recognition. Sixty years back it was greatly felt to promote the importance of this job and having a day was thought to be the best option. On this day, the management presents gifts, flowers, certificates, dine out offers to the administrative professionals.


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    History of Professional Secretary's Day:

    In 1952 for the very first time in Europe, Secretary’s Day was celebrated to encourage secretaries and to recognize the significance of a secretary in a business. In the same year this day was celebrated on different dates in different countries. Eventually third Thursday of April was decided to be the day almost all around the globe and Wednesday of the last full week of April in North America.

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    Importance of Professional Secretary's Day:

    In recognition of the work and value of a secretary the celebration of this day is an important gesture from the employer and management. This event is celebrated worldwide to support the administrative staff for their invaluable contribution towards the growth of business.

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    How to Celebrate Professional Secretary's Day:

    The traditional ways of celebrating this day include;

    - Sending flowers, cards, and other gift
    - Lunch or Dinner offers

    But to celebrate this day more professionally it is suggested that employer provide the secretarial staff with following;

    - Training courses
    - Financial support to study further
    - Compensation for online training programs and courses to improve their skills.

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