How to Scare the Neighbor Kids on Halloween

Halloween is a day of celebration on which every one dresses up like monsters, goblins and other scary characters. As guising and pranks are part of this day so people wear scary costumes and go out to frighten others.

However, the purpose behind all these activities is just to have fun and enjoy the festivity around. You can double the amusement if you target kids in these pranks but be really careful if you are planning to scare your neighbours’ kids.

Any blunder can affect your relation so you must keep a few important things in mind.


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    Create a story:

    You can easily scare the kids around you by making a frightening story about your neighbourhood or town. The most common approach is to tell them about an imaginary character who disappeared few years back and now comes to haunt the people on every Halloween. However, you should use your wits and build a unique story. Make sure that your story is close to the reality and easily understandable.

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    Make scary sounds:

    To make your story more convincing, you should play horrifying voices outside their windows. You can use a recorder or CD player for this purpose. Visit a music store and ask for special Halloween sound effects.  Burn them on a CD and then play while telling the story. However, make sure that it’s impossible for them to find out the origin of those voices.

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    Create a villain:

    You can scare your neighbours’ kids by dressing up as a villain on Halloween. Find out what are the favourite movies of kids and then come out as a scary villain. Instead of standing in front of them, you can magnify the impact by just standing in front of their bed room window. Make sure that they can see you clearly.

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    Watch a scary movie:

    Another way to scare the kids is to watch a horror film. This will not only keep them frightened during the movie but they will also be thinking about the characters even after the movie. You can easily trap them in that state of mind. However, you must pick an age-appropriate movie as anything harsh can leave negative impact on their psyche.

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    Make a haunted house:

    You can scare the kids around you by introducing them to a haunted house in the neighbourhood. Though, it can be a difficult task to do everything alone but you can pull off by involving your neighbours.

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