How to Celebrate Humorous Day

Like other days in the colorful month of April, 19th of this month is observed as Humorous Day. If you think you have a good sense of humor, then this day is perhaps the right one for you so as to prove yourself before others. Even if you lack the quality of being humorous, still you can try and make people laugh by cracking a joke or saying something that can make others smile. Although there is not always a reason to be happy, but if you think that there has to be a reason for it, then you must know today (19th of April) is Humorous Day. Considering that there are celebrations associated with other days, you can have some on this day as well. Remember that the purpose of celebrating this day is just to make others happy or atleast smile.


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    Think of Something Funny

    May it be your school, college, university or workplace, there can always be something funny that can make others laugh. If you think that being funny is a hard nut to crack for you, then you must realize that it is something that is instilled in all of us. Hence, if you just think of anything that is funny, this day can turn out to be a real special one for you and all the others around.

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    Jokes telling competition

    This is a very healthy activity that you can try almost everywhere. However, you will need to have some people around you which can be your friends or companions. All you have to do is merely crack and share a few jokes. If you are not good at telling jokes, then come up with something that has some kind of humor in it for others.

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    Send humorous messages

    If you have the habit of keeping your fingers dancing on the mobile keypad, then today is perhaps the best day for this purpose. Send as many funny and humorous messages as you can to your friends and all those you know. It may eat up your credit, but the recipients will have the chance to think of you as someone caring and humorous.

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