Playground Safety Day Overview

Despite the exponential increase in indoor and video games, play grounds still remain one of the favorite places for kids to be at. Playgrounds serve as not only entertainment platforms but also are learning and socializing centers for children. While playing, kids are prone to different accidents. Parents tend to ignore small cuts and bruises as part of the game. Sadly, play ground accidents can go much worse than just ankle bruises. The Playground Safety Day is celebrated to encourage safer playing grounds for children to ensure that the fun they have comes with a peace of mind – and not ‘piece of body’.


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    Importance of Playground Safety Day:

    Playground fun is a source of immense pleasure for children. Despite all the dangers that monkey bars and swings present, we cannot eliminate the space playgrounds hold in our children's lives. This day renews our commitment to make these grounds safer and more fun for our kids and preserve their childhood memories.

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    Celebrating Playground Safety Day:

    This day is celebrated by schools, recreational authorities and civic bodies. This day calls for improvements in playing conditions for the children and giving due importance to the fact that these grounds are necessary for their personal and social growth and development. Authorities keep a check on the equipment used and check whether it is safe to be played on. On an individual level, the best way to celebrate this day is to visit your local playground with your child and observe the points where kids are accident prone. This day also calls for designing playgrounds that are purpose built keeping in view any danger points, and catering to them.

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    Do your part on this day:

    Do small improvements on your own which may include making a sand patch under the slide to cushion any falls. Check the maintenance state of the slides and other equipment. Report any deteriorating equipment to the concerned authorities so that they make necessary improvements. Accompany your child to the ground and let him play under adult supervision so that any potential accidents are prevented. Clear away any hurdles lying around in the ground to make movement easier for the children. You can also involve your community members in this activity.

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