Golfers Day Event Overview

If we look at the calendar year, every single day is associated with something which can be any incident or event. A certain day can be a busy working day in a country but on the other hand, it may be a public holiday in another. If you happen to be a golf player and are just about to go to the golf course, then you must know that today, the 10th of April, is known as the Golfer Day. Although you might be playing the sport since many years but you may never have thought that there is a special day associated with golf. Nevertheless, after the next five minutes or so you will be able to remember the day, but also be informed about its history.


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    History and Origin of Golfer’s Day

    There is not much authentic information available about the origin of Golfer’s Day. It is believed to be associated with an avid golf lover or a golf-related group who would always be looking to find an excuse for skipping work so as to play golf. Besides, it is also believed that 10th April is observed as Golfer’s day because in 1916, the Professional Golfers' Association of the U. S, also known as PGA, was established by a department store manager whose name was Rodman Wanamaker.

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    Other Controversies

    If we talk about the origin of Golfer’s Day, it leads us to the origin of the game of golf. Some people believe that the game was officially named Golf on 10th of April so that is why it is observed as Golfer’s day. Besides, it is also believed that origin of this game was from a Roman game of Paganica that used to be played with stuffed leather ball and bent stick. Apart from this, it is also believed to be originated from a Chinese game “Chuiwan”, which means striking small ball.

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    The Modern Golf

    The game of golf that is played to date is said to be originated at Scotland. However, it is worth-mentioning here that the game was disallowed by James II, as he thought of this game to be distracting for people who were supposed to learn archery. If you want to know about Golfer’s Day celebrations, kindly visit Step by Step How to Celebrate Golfers Day.

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