How to Celebrate National Arbor Day

In the month of April, when the spring season is supposed to be at its peak, you would certainly not like to go out and see no birds chirping and no tress around. If for any reason, you have the same gloomy picture around you, then just go out and plant a few trees in your area. This is because April 26 and this is to be celebrated as National Arbor Day all across the world. The Arbor Day is all about planting trees. Therefore, if you are planning to celebrate this day, then make sure that you plant as many trees around as possible. The purpose of celebrating Arbor Day is to convey the message that trees are extremely important for life. Read this article, get ideas, and organize different activities on April 26 to make it really special.


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    Let the others know

    The very first thing you can do is, let the people around you know that it is a National Arbor Day. You can simply send a message via mobile phone or through any of the social websites. Make sure that the message should not just end up at Happy National Arbor Day. Instead, you should be asking or inviting the recipient for a tree plantation.

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    Planting a Tree

    Instead of expecting others to wake up and join you in tree plantation campaign, just get out of your bed early in the morning of April 26 and plant a tree yourself. It will not be taking more than 10 to 20 minutes. If you think you have some extra space then try planting as many trees as you possibly can. However, you must keep in mind that you do not plant tree in an area where it can be damaged or plucked.

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    Tree Planting Competition

    The Tree Planting Competition can prove to be a very healthy and adventurous activity on Arbor Day for school, college, and university students. The students can be divided in groups and asked to plant some trees in a particular area. A group that ends up doing most plantations should be declared as winner and must be given a prize.

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