How to Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day for Your Husband

Even though it has become a Valentine’s Day tradition for a man to go out of the way to make his woman feel loved and special, there is no rule that prohibits a woman from taking charge and making the day one to remember for her husband.

A loving and confident wife will be more than happy to express her love, passion and desire for her husband on the most romantic day of the year.


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    Bend the traditions by wooing your husband instead of leaving all the wooing to him. It is a common belief that a man should go out of the way on Valentine’s Day to seek the attention of his beloved and make her feel special. However, surprise your husband by taking change, something that he is bound to appreciate and enjoy.

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    Remind him of your love for him through words and actions. “I love you” is a magical phrase that is likely to have the same affect on your husband as it did when you two first became aware of your feelings for each other. Cuddle up to him for a bit longer in bed or on sofa, help him with his tie and jacket, kiss him goodbye, embrace him when he comes back etc.

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    Make the day special for him by giving him romantic surprises throughout the day. Start the day by bringing him breakfast to bed, leaving a romantic message in the pockets of his pants, leaving a small box of chocolates in his car’s glove compartment, sending flowers to him while he is still at his workplace, cooking his favourite food and bringing it to him in his office etc. Once he comes home, meet him in the doorway with the widest and happiest smile you can put on your face. Carry his briefcase or coat for him and make him feel truly pampered.

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    Be spontaneous and playful around him throughout the day. Even though you are now married to the man you love, you do not have to sober up. Be the playful and spontaneous girl that you were in school and college. Think of how things were when you first met him and the initial dates you two went on. Recreate those moments and enjoy them even more, since you will not have to be worried about making a great impression.

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    If you go out to dinner with your husband, dress up to make it seem like a really special occasion. Wear his favourite dress and gown so that he finds it hard to keep his eyes off you. Wear his favourite perfume as well so that your scent keeps driving him crazy for the next few hours.

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    Turn your house into a temple of love, with dim to no lights, candles, rose petals, red and white balloons all around the house and end the night with a stroll under the moon or star gazing on the roof.

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