World Health Day Overview

Health is a blessing and the importance of health in one’s life cannot be denied. Inventions and innovations leading to advanced technologies and systems have taken the life on earth to another level. Despite of all the bounteous  outcomes of such advancements and enhanced civilizations, majority of the people are still unaware of some of the most crucial aspects of our daily lives that affects our healthy being. This lack of awareness tends to worsen the health situations in most of the nations. 7th of April, World health day is a remarkable step to ensure the accessibility of health and related knowledge to everyone as well as the acknowledgment of health as a priority concern for all the nations.


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    History of World Health Day

    In the first World Health Assembly conducted in 1948 by World Health Organization, 7th of April which is also the anniversary of formation of WHO, was declared to be celebrated as world health day from 1950 onwards. The purpose was to address the global health challenges and unite all the nations around the world to combine their efforts to ensure the prevention and protection against those health problems.

    Now World Health Day is recognized across the world whereby local governments, health departments and educational institutes play major role in spreading the message among masses.

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    Importance of World Health Day

    Each year, WHO selects a theme for the world health day which focuses on the prevailing new health challenge. Several international and local events are organized worldwide, related to the particular theme of the day. Educational institutes, NGO’s, public and private organizations, press and media all over the world, actively gets engaged in the promotion and campaigning of that specific health problem and informs everyone about its causes, preventions and possible cures. This helps to achieve the purpose of the day and creates awareness of the health issues. It also allows every single individual to ensure his healthy being on his own as well as propagating easy ways among responsible bodies to help individuals to fight against the problem.

    Due to commendable efforts made by several countries while celebrating World Health Day, people are now more aware and conscious of health issues such as anti-microbial resistance, child and mother care, mental health, safe blood, infectious deceases, polio, HIV etc.

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    Celebrating World Health Day

    This extraordinary day is not only to be celebrated at state or organizational levels but also at individual level as its main objectives are directly linked with the health concerns of common man.

    If you want to make a difference on this day, you can start by discussing the health issues with your family and friends. Try attaining knowledge about the particular health issues  by watching World Health Day special programs on T.V or attending local events and campaigns on the day and share with the people who are still unaware about those. The best way is to get all sufficient knowledge about the current year health theme through internet or any other source and then convey this knowledge to others.

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