How to Decorate Office for Halloween

Decorating office for Halloween is no doubt a daunting task as you have to keep both the employees’ and customers’ preferences in mind. In addition to that, it is a bit expensive task as well. Yet, it is your golden chance to make them realize that you do care about them and it is your utmost priority to make the yearly celebrations like Halloween memorable ones for them.

Besides that, these sorts of activities are great ways to boost your employees’ morale, which in return increases the productivity of your organization. Show your employees and customers your creative side with the given below amazing ideas to decorate office for Halloween and make them smile:


  • 1

    Decorate the main door of your office

    First of all decorate the main door of your office for a warm Halloween welcome to your employees and customers. Halloween door covers are easily available in the market for this purpose. Measure the length and width of the door and select the cover accordingly. If you do not prefer Halloween door covers, use some markers and chart paper to write a welcome note on it, paste it on the entrance door and cover rest of the portion with some Halloween spider balloons, pumpkin balloons, or skeleton balloons. Repeat the same procedure with the other internal doors of your office - if you like.

  • 2

    Decorate the windows of your office

    Use Halloween window clings, window stickers or window decals to decorate the windows of your office. They are simple to apply and then to remove after the Halloween season.

  • 3

    Decorate the floor of your office

    Place two to three pumpkins on various corners of the floor of your office. Set a large skeleton on a smooth surface and fix it up thoroughly. Moreover, place a spooky Halloween tree in the visible side of your office.

  • 4

    Decorate the roof of your office

    Cove the overall roof of your office with spider, skeleton, witch-hat, pumpkin and bat roof hangings or ceiling swirls. These roof hangers are easily available in your nearest market but you can make them yourself as well. Halloween themed balloons are another good choice to cover the roof or ceiling of your office. Other than roof hangers, you can use the artificial cob web to cover the roof.

  • 5

    Set up Twinkle Lights in your office

    Set up twinkle Halloween lights to various corners of your office in order to enhance its overall scary look. These lights are available in the shape of pumpkins, skeleton, and ghosts etc.

  • 6

    Set a Halloween table

    Set a medium table in the visible corner of your office and cover it with a Halloween tablecloth. Now, place a well decorated basket of Halloween treats on it. Your employees and customers will love them.

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