How to Plan a Surprise Party

It does not matter whether your gathering is small or large, you can still arrange a surprise party for your loved ones. A surprise party is not strictly restricted to any occasion; in fact, it can be thrown for a birthday, wedding anniversary, Mother’s day, Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day. Not to mention, a surprise party can also be thrown when arranging a family gathering. The focus of a surprise party is on guests, entertainment or decorations of the event. However, the most important point is to keep the party secret from the person you wish to surprise.


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    Decide your budget

    Without a defined budget, it would be difficult for you to plan a surprise party. Thus, you must define your budget and this will help you know how much you can afford to spend on the party but it will also help you in using the money in best possible way. Not to mention, that a defined budget will help you narrow down the unnecessary expenses and you will focus more on the necessary things.

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    Choose the type of party

    You should not forget to choose the type of party as you will be required to inform all the guests in due time. For example, a surprise party can be based on a particular theme which everyone will enjoy.

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    Decide location

    Now, you should decide the venue for the party. It is important that you should choose the location and make sure that it will be sufficient enough to accommodate all the guests.

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    Invite people

    Prepare a list of people that you wish to invite to the surprise party. For this, you can take suggestions from a close friend regarding whom to invite or ignore. After you have decided, you must inform all the guests at least two to three weeks before the party. It is very important that they understand this is a surprise party and that they should get there early to make it extra special.

  • 5

    Arrange for the reception of guests

    You should also make proper arrangements to give a sound reception to the invited guests.

  • 6

    Choose a caterer

    You are not only required to choose the decoration and theme of the party but selecting a caterer is a must. You should closely look at your budget and then decide the menu of the surprise party.

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