How to Prevent Christmas Depression

Christmas time is a day to celebrate happiness and joy. While the day is associated with Christianity, people belonging to other faiths get involved in the celebrations as well, giving gifts to their loved ones and getting together to enjoy the Christmas dinner.

There are some people though, who find themselves getting bit by the depression bug on or just before Christmas. The celebrations and activities planned for the day sucks the happiness out of them, leaving them feeling anxious and depressed.

Fortunately, one does not have to continue feeling this way throughout his life, as there are ways to prevent Christmas depression.


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    One of the most common causes for Christmas depression is financial woes. You will find yourself feeling anxious and depressed if you had not saved enough money for celebrating what is arguably the happiest day of the year. Not having enough money to afford the decorations, arrange a decent lunch or dinner, entertain the guests or buy gifts for your loved ones can kill the mood. Start planning for the holiday well in advance, cutting down on your expenses and avoiding any unnecessary spending.

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    You will most probably have relatives coming over to your place on Christmas. You may not be very fond of some of those relatives or may have had a really unpleasant encounter with some of them. Instead of letting yourself feel awkward about the latest meeting, mentally prepare yourself to face them again and be ready to ignore any sarcastic comments or little jabs that they throw your way. Christmas is not the best times of the year to resume or initiate arguments and fights. If there is something that needs to be settled or discussed, save it for later. Just concentrate on having a good time and enjoying the Christmas dinner.

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    If you are not very fond of Christmas and therefore depressed about its arrival and the celebrations all around, just remind yourself that the day and celebrations will not last forever. You just have to deal with it for one day, after which things will go back to the routine.

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    Cold winter nights tend to become even more depressing because of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). In order to counter this, buy SAD lights to brighten your house and make it look less dreary. A bright house can have a positive effect on the mood.

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    Do not expect everything to go as planned on Christmas. You might accidently overcook the Christmas turkey, additional guests may show up, a child may get hurt while playing, an argument may break out. Just be prepared to deal with crises and keep in mind that such things cannot be avoided.

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