How to Throw a Trailer Trash Theme Party

Nowadays, everyone is so busy that staying in touch with friends and family members has become a difficult task. In such situations, dinner parties and get-togethers provide a great chance to mingle.

A trailer trash theme party is one of those ideas that guarantee you quality time with your loved ones. Though, it seems bit funny but the outcome worth it. The additional benefits are that you do not need to spend much to have fun with your guests. You do not need to put extra effort while making all the arrangements.

A little bit of planning and research can help you a lot in throwing a perfect trailer trash theme party.


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    Decide on your budget:

    The most important thing is your budget. You must know how much you can spend on this party. This will help you a lot in determining the scale of your party. Mostly, people throw a party single-handedly but if you have intimate friends on your guest list then you can ask them to share.

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    Make a list of your guests:

    After deciding your budget, you will make a list of guests. This will not only help you in planning several things but you will be able to notify your guests well in time.

    Finalise your guests and inform them about the exact location, date and time of the party. Making a phone call would be enough but you should invite them in memorable manner. Let your imagination guide you in deciding ways of giving invitation.

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    Find a location and decorate:

    Next thing you will do is to decide a location of this party. Look around and make a list of places, decide a location and then start decorating it. Mostly, the overall look of this party is little tacky so keep that fact in mind.

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    Decide the menu:

    Food is very important part of this party so you must offer them a special menu. Consider cheese curls, Doritos, cheese whiz on crackers as appetizers. Then comes the main course. You may offer them hot dogs or chicken nuggets along with some other dishes. Do not forget to offer them some yummy desserts. Last but not the least, you must place coolers filled with beer everywhere.

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    Dress code:

    You must keep the overall look of the party while deciding a dress code. Some over the top dress and makeup is perfect for such party. Looking cheap, wearing funny outfits and giving outlandish gifts is the spirit of this party.

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