Halloween Games for Teens

Teens are known for their fun loving nature and the occasions of entertainment like Halloween is a great excuse for this younger crowd to have fun at any cost. The Halloween games for teens are a superb idea to keep them engaged and to get them moving all night long. Some of the teen’s games require pre-planning, which is an entertaining activity itself as it is fun to plan and think up in a creative way.

Check below for some amazing Halloween game for teens that can be easily conducted at any get-together or party:


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    Bob the Apples

    This game seems to be kiddish, but it is really fun and challenging activity. Set a big barrel on a smooth surface and fill it with clean water. Now, float few fresh apples into water of barrel and ask the participants to pick the apples up, without using their hands or others’ help. The one who will pick more apples within the assigned time will be the winner of the game.

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    Costume Dance Contest

    This entertaining Halloween game for teens starts when you get all the guests on their feet. Ask the participants to dress up in as unique costume as they can. Now, take them to the dancing floor, turn on the music and ask the participants to dance on the beat of the music. The one with exclusive costume and professional dancing moves will be the winner of the Costume Dance Contest. It is better to handover a gift hamper to the winner in order enhance the overall environment of your Halloween get-together or party.

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    Bobbling for Worms

    Bobbling for worm is a race game for the teenagers. Count the number of participants taking part in the game and select disposable plates accordingly. Now, place six gummy worms on each of the disposable plate (You can either make gummy worms at home or buy from market). Top the gummy worms on the plates with whipped cream until completely covered. Arrange the plates in a row and ask the participants to stand right in front of their assigned plates. Ask the participant to place both of their hand at their backs and get ready. Someone should get ready to make the announcement of starting the game formally. Now the participant will start searching for the gummy worms with the help of their lips. Once any of the participant find a gummy worm, he or she pull it out of the whipped cream and place on the table – next to their plates. The one who takes less time to place the sixth gummy worm on the table will be the winner of the game.

  • 4

    Push the Peanut

    Push the peanut seems to be very simple Halloween game for teens but it is one among the energy consuming activities. Mark the starting and finishing line of the game. Now, place some peanuts at the starting line and ask the participant to come out of the line and stand at the back of the assigned peanuts. Hand over one toothpick to each of the participant and ask him or her to place it on their mouth. Now, the participants have to place their hand at their back and use the toothpick to roll and push the peanut from the starting line to the finish line. The one who reaches the finishing line along with his or her peanut will be the victor.

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    Candy Corn Guess

    This Halloween game for the teens does not require special probs so it is very easy to conduct. Take a large bowl and decorate it from Halloweens point of view. Place few candy corns in the bowl, place it on a main table and set right in front of the participants. Distribute one pen and piece of paper among the members of the game and ask them to guess the number of corns in the bowl, without going closer to it. Once they write down their predictions, ask them to write down their name at the back of piece of paper and hand it over to you. Now, start the counting of the candy corns in the bowl in loud voice and ask the participants to accompany you. The partaker with accurate or closest guess will be the winner of this simple but interesting game.

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