How to Remember Friends Birthdays

Remembering birthdays can get tricky. Some people are good at remembering them, but there are others who are either too busy to remember birthdays, or they don’t think that remembering birthdays is important enough. In any case, knowing someone’s birthday can help you in many ways. You can surprise the other person, and you can make that special someone smile, which would mean a lot to you. So, in case you are bad at remembering birthdays of important people around you, you must find ways to remind yourself of these special days.


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    You can ask one of your very close friends to remember someone’s birthday for you. If you think that you can simply not remember anyone’s birthday, just ask a friend of yours to remind you of them. Some of the people in your social circle must be really good at remembering these special dates. Simply pick one person and ask him/her to either text or call you right before the birthday of someone special arrives. However, you must remember that if you have chosen a single person, he/she should be reliable and you should always have a backup option. Moreover, remembering this person’s birthday might get a little problematic for you.

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    Mark dates on your calendar. This was done back in the days when phones and digital watches were not present. Simply put a calendar in your office or room and remember to look at it on a daily basis. Mark the important dates with a dark marker so that whenever you happen to look at that calendar, you are reminded of the special birthdays.

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    You can also set an alarm on your phone. The host of popular smart phones these days can help you remember any day and any time. In order to make a birthday special for the other person, set an alarm five minutes before midnight so you can wish him/her exactly when the day starts. This can really cheer the other person up and you will notice how you have made their day.

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    Another way to remember a birthday is by setting up a plan for that particular day. You might not end up surprising that person, but you can always tell them that the two of you, or your friends, will go hiking on this day. Remembering a birthday is difficult since it is not significant enough, but once you set a plan, that date becomes significant and you will remember that the day of your plan is the day that person was born.

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