How to Plan a Family Reunion Everyone Will Enjoy

Sometimes, family members live so far that they can see each other once in a blue moon. Moreover, the busy schedules and other activities of daily life have made this almost impossible to meet your near and dear ones frequently. In such situations, planning a family reunion can be a great idea as it gives an opportunity to spend some quality time with your parents, siblings and extended family.

There is no doubt in that making all the arrangements will be a lot of work but ultimately the outcome is worth. You do not need to worry about the arrangements as you can handle everything by following some simple directions.


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    Decide your budget:

    First of all, you should decide how much you and your family can spend on this event. Though, it is a good gesture to arrange everything on your own but if you cannot afford then ask every family member to contribute. It is such an experience that no one will think twice before opening the purse.  The best way to estimate the expenses is to calculate your guests and make list of the food and other activities.

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    Decide a location:

    After deciding the budget, now it’s time to choose a place of meeting. Do some research, make a list of all the locations, send this list to your guests and ask them to decide. If you have a free hand to decide a location of this family reunion then make sure that the place is approachable for everyone. Try to find out a park, lakeside or beach town, a mountain retreat etc.

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    Decide the activities:

    Obviously, you and your family members are not going to sit and talk all day long. It is better to plan some fun activities to keep everyone engaged and entertained. It can be anything like a volleyball match, horse riding, hiking, fishing, board games, cards, name the tune etc. Make sure that your activities can engage the maximum number of guests. Moreover, do not just rely on a single activity otherwise they will get bored.

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    Decide the food:

    Next important thing you need to keep in mind is food. After spending time in conversation and other fun activities, everyone will be looking for something really appetising and delicious. You can make food well in advance or you can order from a restaurant.

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    Backup plan:

    You must have a backup plan in case of unfavourable weather condition. You can have a family union inside of your house but then you must also plan some indoor activities.

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