National Eggs Benedict Day Overview

Many people would have skipped breakfast had there been no concept of eggs. From the perspective of egg lovers, it may not be wrong to say that there is joy in breakfast if there is no egg on the table. Hence, if you also happen to be an egg lover then today has something special for you. For your information, the 16th of April is observed as Eggs Benedict Day. If egg is one of your favourite edibles, then today you can try out something different instead of the conventional fried or boiled egg. Like most other events have a history, the National Eggs Benedict Day also has a background and reason for observance. If you are to celebrate this day then it is good that you know the background.


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    Origin of Egg Benedict Day

    There is not much information about origin of the Eggs Benedict Day. However, it is believed that about 100 years ago this day was first observed in New York. According to the history there are two personalities with whom this day is said to be related. Their names are Mrs LeGrand Benedict and Mr Lemuel Benedict. As far as Eggs Benedict is concerned, it is a special dish that is prepared with egg being the major constituent along with some buttered toasts, hams and a special sauce.

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    Official Recognition of Egg Benedict Day

    Although Egg Benedict Day is referred to as the National Day but there are hardly any congressional records or presidential proclamations in support of this day. For those who like to have egg as an important part of their menu, this day is a real special one.

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    Celebrating Egg Benedict Day

    The best thing to do in order to celebrate this day is eating the Eggs Benedict dish. It is good if you can prepare it yourself, otherwise you can always go to a restaurant. However, if you need more information on celebration kindly visit How to Celebrate National Eggs Benedict Day.

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