How to Celebrate Canada Day

Canada Day is celebrated on the 1st of July. It is also known as Dominion Day and is one of the most significant days for Canadians to mark the birth of the country. This day is celebrated as Canada got its freedom from the British empire. Almost all Canadians look forward to this day and it is normally spent with huge gatherings, a lot of food and fun. People get the chance to show off their Canadian spirit as it is a day of joy and remembrance. Follow some simple tips to learn how to enthusiastically celebrate Canada Day.


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    Canadian flag style clothing

    You can dress in a cultural way by putting on a maple leaf shirt or go bold by covering the maple leaf flag over the shoulders. Be a little creative and display your spirit with a red and white outfit. Dying your hair bright red with hair spray is a good option. Wear a Canadian flag hat and wear pins or buttons that have the national flag on it. You can get tattoos on your cheeks as well but make sure they can be removed later on.

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    Join a social gathering or parade

    It is always amazing to go to the streets and be a part of the parades, concerts and food festivals. There you can get face paintings for your children, see jugglers and magicians perform their tricks. You can find information over the internet or on newspapers. On the other hand, think about going to the capital, Ottawa. There you can see special programs in the Parliament House. You will also come across concerts, the RCMP musical ride, food courts, flyovers, lovely crowds among other things. Know that it is a very special day so plan in advance if you are coming from another country.

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    Air Force shows and festivals

    You should definitely watch the air shows from Canada’s Air Force. Go online to check for details and see where they will be organising the event this time around. Also, visit the Montreal Jazz Festival or Calgary Stampede. Make sure you reserve your seat early as these events are very famous and you need to make a booking way beforehand. A cookout with family members and close friends is also a great experience. Lastly, set off some fireworks in a safe area and enjoy the day.

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