How to Celebrate National Cheeseball Day

Almost every day in the month of April has an event associated with it. Today is 17th of April and it is celebrated as National Cheese Ball Day. For all those who are fond of cheese, today can be transformed into a real special one. If you go to the market to look for cheese balls, you can easily find them in multiple flavours. However, if you really want to make this special by celebrating it in a unique way, then the best thing to do is try and prepare your own cheese balls at home. This may seem difficult if you are trying it for the first time. Nevertheless, it will not only turn out as a good learning experience, but at the same time, will be full of fun.


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    In School or College

    If you happen to be a school or college student, then you can always organize some type of a competition. For example, there can be cheese balls placed in a few jars. Anyone who empties the bowl in minimum time should be the winner.

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    In Office

    It may not be possible to prepare a dish at your workplace unless you are a cook and work in the kitchen. However, a day earlier, you can ask your colleagues to prepare cheese balls at home using recipes and flavours of their own choice. The person who cooks the best tasting cheese balls should be declared a winner and a prize should be given to him/her.

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    With Family

    You may not have been with your family since the last few days or so. Just organize a family gathering by throwing a tea party and along with tea and snacks, serve your family with specially prepared cheese balls and other items that are cheese enriched. It may become even more interesting if you have a cheese ball party in which all family members bring cheese balls that are cooked by them. A prize should be given to the one with best cheese balls recipe.

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