How to Enjoy an Outdoor Concert in Washington, D.C.

Washington D.C. is the capital of US and has a certain charm of its own. The city is a blend of some and old new architecture and has been extremely well planned. There are many activities that a person can do in the city.

Concerts are a common occurrence in the city. Some of them take place in outdoors in places such as the Washington Monument and in order to fully enjoy them, you should prepare in advance.


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    Pick the Right Concert

    There are many options when it comes to concerts. Make sure that you pick the one that features the kind of music that you prefer or has a singer/singers of your liking. If you are looking for a rock concert, you will probably not be too pleased listening to Vanessa Carlton. So make sure that you get the tickets to the right event.

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    Know the Route

    D.C. has a lot of issues when it comes to travelling simply because of the fact that there is very little parking that is available. You often have to park at a significant distance from the venue and have to walk. Plus most of the parking is paid and can cost you several dollars per hour.

    It is best that you take mass transport. Make sure that you know the way to venue once you get of the subway or the bus.

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    Get the Food

    It is likely that you will be lining up in queues for a fair amount of time. Have some snacks and fluids with you. It is very important since you want to keep yourself hydrated. It can be hours before you have any access to the overpriced snack available at the concert so have something available before that.

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    Wear the Right Dress

    Dressing trendy is a good idea but do keep in mind the weather conditions as well. Most concerts start in the evening and go deep into the night. The weather in DC, even during summers, can drop a fair bit in the night and with some wind, it can be pretty chilly. So make sure that you have something to wear on top of the clothing you have.

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    Once the concert has started and you have everything in place, enjoy the concert in open air and have loads of fun. If you have friends and family along, it will be even better.

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