How to Have a Golden Globes Party

Throwing parties is a great way to meet people and to increase your social ranking in the local area where you live. In fact, some people like to throw parties almost every weekend, because it is a great way to get rid of stress and break free, in order to enjoy yourself and have a good time.

Parties can be of many types, but most parties involve food and lots of people. However, sometimes, parties tend to be themed. One of the more common themes to have a party based on, are the Golden Globe awards.

The Golden Globe awards celebrate performances on film and television, making them a great idea for a theme. This way, people can go on and dress up as either someone from a movie or a TV show, and with so many options available to people, the chances of costumes over lapping are very low.


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    The first thing you want to do is to send out invites for the event to all the people you want to call. This is because having a head count will help you better understand what you need to do, and how many people you need to create arrangements for.

    In order to really switch things up, you can send everyone small golden globes as the invites, or opt to send them cards, which follow the same invite pattern that the golden globe invites have.

    You also need to emphasize that it is a golden globe themed party, so everyone needs to follow the rules and dress up for the event.

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    Now once you get the feed back from the people who you invited, you need to go about setting up the event. You can have a mini stage in the centre of the room, this is where people can show off their costumes, and you can award the best ones.

    Based on how many people replied you, need to get those many seats set up, to ensure everyone is comfortable. Also look to use a red carpet, to get the royal treatment vibe going. You can also create an area where you can have paparazzi take pictures of the guests.

    This will really get the vibe of the event going and moving forward.

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    The last thing you need to do is to take care of the food. Try and use finger food, since that is generally what is served at the golden globes. At the same time, try and use fancy glasses to serve all your fluids, in order to go with the vibe of the whole thing.

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