How to Give a Gift at a Bris Ceremony

The Bris Ceremony is a gift ceremony which Jewish families organize after the birth of their child. The Jewish tradition does not allow gifts before the birth of the child, so many families give their presents on the Bris Ceremony.

If you have already given your gift before the ceremony, you can come to the ceremony without one, as it is not necessary to contribute twice. However, if you have not contributed as yet, you can buy a present from the parent’s registry, and wrap it up nicely before you gift it to the parents at the ceremony.


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    Ask the family if they need help

    You need to ask the family that is organizing the Bris Ceremony if they need any help - this could be your way of giving the baby and its parents a 'present'. The ceremony needs time to be organized and it has to be celebrated eight days after the birth of the baby, so the family will need a lot of help. You can contribute and thus give a present in an indirect way, by making a dish or by baking a cake for parents of the child.

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    Buy a gift from the parent’s registry

    You can buy a gift from the parent’s registry, which will help you understand what specific things the parents of the newborn require. If they don't have a registry, there are also other places from where you can buy presents. The local Judaica shop or a specialty store are also places where you can find good gifts for a newborn.

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    Wrap the gift nicely

    After buying the gift, make sure you wrap it nicely. There are no specifications on how the gift should be wrapped. You can use any paper if you want to wrap the present; presenting it in a decorated bag or box is also an option. If you want, you can also ask the assistants at the shop to wrap it for you.

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    Attach a card to the gift

    Finally, attach a congratulations card to the gift. You should also mention the name of your family on it so that the parents know what you have brought for their child.

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