How to Write a Proposal for a Music Concert

Writing a proposal is a lot easier than it actually looks. Music related proposals are meant for the promotion of the band or musician with the concert organizing body and inform them of the things required for a successful concert.

Concerts are a great way for young talented musicians to develop their fan base. Musicians should try to avail as many musical concerts as they can to get a large fan following and making sure their music reaches the intended listeners. These days concerts can take place at almost any type of social event.

Things Required:

– Sample Music
– Paper


  • 1

    When applying for a music festival or a social event ask them out for the official proposal forms. Download the forms from the website and fill them out carefully. If you have a band, mention the name of the band and discuss the type of music that you guys wish to play at the event. If you are just a group of friends applying for your first concert, coin up your band name before applying.

  • 2

    If you want to  hold a music concert in a social event, you will have to work out twice in this case. Not only you will have to prove your worth as a musician to the organizers, you will have to convince them to hold the concert in the first place. Create a sample of your work. The sample created should be live, it means that the song should be performed live in a public place and not in some sound recording studios.

  • 3

    Write down information such as the name of the song, the type of music you are going to play, and the sound system required for the function. Add approximate prices of the sound system required for the function, and mention if you want them to arrange it from a specific sound company.

  • 4

    Prepare a small list that talks about the biography of the members in brief, concise sentences. Write down the dates and timings for the event. Specify if you will require breaks in between the songs, and how long your performance will last.

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    Add a reference section to the document and include the names and phone number of people who you have worked with before. In the end, write down a small section about the promotion of the concert, and tell them how you will promote the event independently.

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