How to Attend the Hidden River Art Festival

The art lovers always love to attend different art events because they not only witness the creativity of numerous artists at these events but also find opportunity to meet many like-minded people. The Hidden River Art Festival, a 3 to 5-day event, is one of the most fascinating art events in Brookfield. Many leading and upcoming artists display various items including photographs, glass, paintings, sculpture, hand-made prints, jewellery and many other art items. Many people do not know how to attend the Hidden River Art Festival. However, you can get valuable guidance from this post about attending a Hidden River Art Festival.


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    First of all, you need to get complete information about the Hidden River Art Festival that is a five-day event and starts from the third weekend of September every year.

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    You can easily attend Hidden River Art Festival because it costs nothing as you can become a part of gathering at this festival without paying any money.

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    However, you need to find accommodation near to the venue of Hidden River Art Festival which will help you to get there whenever you want in just a few minutes.

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    Make sure you have got information about all attractions that the Hidden River Art Festival offers. But you have to keep the daily timings of the festival in mind as it starts late morning and the closing time is just before evening.

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    The Hidden River Art Festival portrays the quality art work of leading local artists who are also known as Wisconsin artists. It takes place at Mitchell Park’s art gallery at Brookfield. You should get information about the artists in order to understand the theme of their work.

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    You can also attend many workshops related to art during this opening three days of the Hidden River Art Festival. However, make sure you have contacted to the organisers of the event to get your name registered for attending the mini workshops.

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    Many people try drawing different paintings at the Hidden River Art Festival. If you have never tried it before then you can have fun by experiencing it here which will be a memorable thing for you.

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    The Wisconsin artists also demonstrate their skills by producing or creating live art work in front of the viewers which is an exciting experience for art lovers who have come to enjoy the Hidden River Art Festival.

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