How to Plan a Weekend at the Clun Green Man Festival

The Clun Green Man festival is one of the most popular carnivals in Britain. The event mainly celebrates the legend of Clun Green Man which refers to our relationship with the nature. In literature, Clun Green Man is described as having gigantic trees form his veil and the tree branches meeting each other across his chest. From music to drama and art to a medieval feel, Clun Green Man festival has a lot to offer to the spectators. The carnival usually takes place on the May 1st holiday in United Kingdom, but you are required to keep checking for the exact date on the Green Man Carnival website.

Things Required:

– Internet connection
– Phone line for making calls to book tickets


  • 1

    Find the Clun Green Man festival website on Google or Yahoo Search engine. Find the “Buy Tickets” option on the home page. Purchase tickets for the concert, which usually starts at 8pm in the evening. Tickets can be bought for as low as 15 pounds if you book in advance at the White Horse Inn. Consider speaking to one of the customer services members at Enterprise House or White Horse Inn to book your tickets.

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    Buy tickets for the dinner and champagne party which typically starts in the evening. There is street entertainment such as a Punch and Judy Show, and all of it is free of charge. Furthermore, there is always a talk about the Green man at the Height Town Community rooms for which tickets need to be booked at the White Horse Inn or bought at the door.

  • 3

    Enjoy the afternoon with events such as the Green Man battling it out with the Frost Queen. Entry to the fair is £2.50 and can be paid on arrival.

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    Plan your travel. Clun is in South Shropshire, one hour from Shrewsbury and for detailed directions go to the AA link in the resources section below. When you get to Clun you will be directed to a free car park.

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    If you take the train. The nearest station is Craven Arms and from there the festival organisers run a shuttle bus to Clun on each day of the festival.

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    At the top of the website there is a link to a list of places to stay in Clun and their telephone numbers. They include self catering, bed and breakfasts and camping and caravan sites.

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