How to Attend the FIBArk Whitewater Festival

FIBArk “First in Boating the Arkansas” Whitewater Festival is an annual event on the Arkansas River. This festival has a history of two friends who were almost killed by the difficult race from Salida, CO to Cañon City, CO on the river of Arkansas. It is also important to understand that a few years later, this become an annual celebration of community-wide festival but shortened about 26 miles from whitewater, Salida, CO to Cotopaxi, CO. It is also a festival that mainly gives out the possibility to enjoy a homecoming of many who moved out to different states.


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    FIBArk Whitewater Festival

    Understanding FIBArk Whitewater is very important before you get in detail that how you can attend the festival. You need to know that this festival is basically for people giving them an opportunity of homecoming as they are moved out to other states. You also need to understand very briefly that is now shortened about 26 miles from whitewater Salida, CO to Cotopaxi, CO. According to annual stats about 10,000 people come every year and attend the festival. This year the festival of FIBArk RunOff Whitewater Races will begin on April 13-14, 2013. There are lots of events in the this festival including Women paddlers shine at the FIBArk freeze, FIBArk meet and greet, Brave the cold, announcing our new title sponsor and FIBArk welcomes new board members.

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    Attending the festival

    Attending this festival is not that difficult. You need to grab the right information and go accordingly. It is very important to know all the procedures as there will be many things you will experience once you reach your destination. You will experience many events including boating, music and attractions for different ages along with a small amount of shopping as well.

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    Registration is important

    After getting the right information, you need to get registered with the festival organising committee. You will find their website address from different sources. Surf the website with detail and see the full procedure. You need to register first paying the required amount of money which will vary from event to event.

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