How to Master Soccer Tricks and Moves

Soccer, as the Americans call it, or football as the rest of the world calls it, is one of the most popular sports around the world.

Football is one of the most beautiful sports to watch, since when the team that is playing it does everything right, it looks like poetry in motion.

However, despite the sport being one of the most popular in the world, it is also one of the hardest to master. Not a lot of people are very good at playing football, even though they might want to be.

One of the harder parts of the sport to learn and master, is the usage of tricks and moves to beat your opponent. These tricks and moves require you to have quick feet and to be rather unstoppable on the ball.


  • 1

    Idolize Ronaldinho

    The first thing that you need to do, is to go on and realize that Ronaldinho is the greatest on the pitch trickster the sport has ever seen. Based on that, you need to watch all of his videos and highlights, so you get a mental idea of just what you need to do and just how you need to do it.

    You might not be able to copy what he does, since he has proven to possess exceptional talent, but you could try to follow in his footsteps.

  • 2

    Practice juggling

    Another thing you need to do, is to practice juggling the ball. Juggling the ball will help create a mental coordination between your foot and your mind, which will allow you to start feeling the ball better with your foot.

    This is going to be essential in later parts of life, when you only get seconds to beat defenders.

  • 3

    Practice ground moves

    The next thing you want to do, is to keep the ball in your feet when you are dribbling on the ground. This will help you become one of the best at being able to feel the ball with your feet, and will give you a definite edge over everyone else.

  • 4

    Practice against hard hitting tacklers

    The next thing to do, is to take all your newly learned skills and look to play against hard hitting tacklers. This will really test your ability and show just how good your really are. You might end up getting injured the first few times, but there is no gain without pain.

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