How to Do a Reverse Stroke in Kayaking

Indulging in different sports is a good way of staying physically fit and to have a lot of fun at the same time. Kayaking is a sport that not only demands physical endurance but also skills to be able to perform well. It is one of the favourite sports particularly in the area where there are plenty of fresh waters all over the world.

There are different kinds of strokes in kayaking that one can make and one of them is the reverse stroke. It is not very difficult to do and takes the kayak in the reverse direction.


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    Be Fit

    You need to have a certain degree of physical fitness in order to be able to kayak let alone do any manoeuvres. You need to have a strong upper body and arms so that you can manage the rigors of kayaking. If you are not physically fit or are not well stretched before undertaking this endeavour, you can get injured.

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    Have Some Kayaking Skills

    You must possess some basic kayaking skills in order to be able to control the boat and be comfortable when you are doing a reverse stroke. If you do not know how to do the normal strokes or how to control the kayak under normal circumstances, it will become very difficult for you.

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    Paddle Work

    In order for you to do a reverse paddle, you need to rotate half way towards your back. You will need to paddle the way you do to move forward but the motion will not be from front to back but rather from back to front. Move the paddle with the same flow and make sure that you keep your balance while do this in order to not capsize. Start slowly and you should get in the flow.

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    Hold the Paddle

    Once you have made the stroke from back to front, the next thing to do is to keep the paddle firmly in place as a rudder so that that the boat moves in a straight direction. The idea is to hold it in a way that the paddle is slightly angled with the shoulder and it has its thinner side cutting through the water.

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