How to Compete in an Ice Skating Competition

Moving on ice wearing ice skates is known as ice skating. There are a number of sports which have originated from ice skating and thousands of people in the world take it up as a sport and hobby. Ice skating can be done on naturally occurring bodies of frozen water or specially prepared indoor or outdoor tracks. However, it requires a lot of practice and hard work, if you want to master the art.

In order to prepare for an ice skating competition, you have to take into account a number of things, ranging from your fitness level to the kind of track you are going to be skating on.


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    In order to excel in an ice skating competition, you need to work hard for months. Keep in mind that other participants will also come prepared. Therefore, you would have to be at the top of your fitness in order to have any chance of making a name for yourself.

    In order to enhance your stamina, you need to run every single day. You also have to work on your thighs in the gym because powerful legs are crucial for doing well in ice skating. You would have hardly come across any ice skater whose body is not in perfect shape; hence, you have to be physically fit, only then you will be able to maintain your balance during skating.

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    Practice hard

    Any kind of a competition requires intense training sessions. You should behave like a professional and should adopt a strict practice schedule. It is only through more and more practice that an individual can gain perfection in this art.

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    Make sure that your skating bag is packed

    A night before the competition, you should ensure that all your skating gear is packed and ready. The gear includes non-ripped tights, skates, outfit, spare laces, warm-up jacket, gloves, make-up and other accessories which you usually use during ice skating.

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    Stay relaxed and confident

    Having done the required hard work for the completion, you should take some deep breaths to make sure that you are relaxed and concentrating on the job at hand. You must be able to absorb pressure because even the slightest of mistakes can lead to failure.

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