How to Attend Body Boarding Competitions

Body boarding competitions have attracted reasonable popularity in the past few years. Previously, the body boarding competitions were held on the rules and regulations defined by surfing association. Not to mention that professional surfers were invited to be the judges of body boarding competitions. Nevertheless, with the increased interest of audience in body boarding, the sport has become totally independent and has laws and regulations of its own. Now, the body boarding has its own governing body and the rules and guidelines that are to be followed and must be avoided to prevent disqualification.


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    Keep track of IBA

    In order to attend body boarding competitions, you must keep track of the International Body boarding Association. IBA is the governing body of the body boarding and the schedule of all competitions is updated on the website. You will find the list of all body boarding competitions there along with the details of location, time and date. If you are interested in a particular championship, all you have to do is visit the website and look through the list of planned competitions.

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    Attend amateur events

    You must start with the amateur events as these will be able to provide you entertainment along with the tough competitions. Generally, the annual amateur body boarding competition takes place in Schlitterbahn Waterpark. Not to mention, these events are scheduled in different parts of the world and they not only encourage the new players to participate but also play an important part in their learning as well.

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    Keep yourself up to date

    It is of pivotal importance that you stay updated with the schedule. Due to some uncertain events, some events often get cancelled or are scheduled someplace else, so you must keep visiting the IBA website after equal intervals. You should not only note the date of competition but jot down the location as well. It is necessary that you should plan to attend the competition as you cannot just wake up and attend the competition. Book your flight or bus and reserve a spot in a hotel.

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    Attend the competition

    After you have prepared everything, you must go and attend the competition. Unlike other events, you do not need to buy tickets; you can just go to the location and watch the competition. However, it is of considerable importance that you should take care of your skin and apply sunscreen to it.