How to Buy Tickets for The Annual Golden Globe Awards

Golden Globe Awards are the first major movie awards of the year and are probably the most followed awards after the Oscars. Winning a Golden Globe Award is no mean feat and adds to the value of the performer who wins it.

People like to see these awards and mostly get a chance to do so on their television sets. It can be so much more fun if you are available at the awards ceremony yourself. It is quite possible provided that you approach this endeavour the right way and in a timely fashion.


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    Contact Organisers

    You can contact organisers and seek information from them as to how you can get tickets. This can be done over the phone or through email. They should get back to you on ways to get the tickets and may even be able to offer you some if they are the ones who are selling these tickets to the public.

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    Ticket Brokers

    There are many ticket brokers that offer tickets to such events. Make sure that the tickets are authentic as there can be some fake ones going around. You can check out the reputation of the broker to see if the person is indeed a genuine seller. This is important as you do not want to spend a handsome amount of money to come to know that you have been duped.

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    Once again, make sure that the tickets are genuine and you will be allowed to enter on them. There is going to be some crazy bidding for these so be ready to move some money and having a bidding war for these tickets.

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    Bleacher Seats

    These may not get you into the event but will give you a chance to see the celebrities arriving at the event. The way to go about it is to purchase a package from the Beverly Hilton Hotel for room bookings and Bleacher Seats that are placed in front of the Beverly Hilton Hotel and only guests are allowed.

    The package will cost you anything from $1500 upwards. Generally it will not be more than $2500 though. Make sure that you are the early bird as seats are limited and will be sold out pretty quickly.

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