How to Become a Professional Rodeo Cowboy

Some of the main features of a rodeo are steer wrestling team, saddle bronc riding, bareback riding, calf roping and bull riding. You have to become an expert in all these fields if you aspire to be a professional rodeo cowboy. The game is basically governed by Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) if you are a male. For females, the sport is organized under the banner of Women’s Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA).

Rodeo is increasingly becoming a popular sport around the world, with approximately two thousand rodeos held in United States of America and Canada alone every year.


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    Physical training

    In order to be successful in a rodeo, you must be at the peak of your physical fitness. Therefore, you have no choice but to train extremely hard to make sure that your body can go through the rigours of this tough sport with strength and endurance.

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    Your attire should be like a professional rodeo cowboy. Visit a local western wear store and find some impressive cowboy clothes according to your size.

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    Join a rodeo school

    In order to enhance your skills and learn more, you should join a rodeo school. There are a number of rodeo schools in the United States like Sankey Rodeo School in Branson, Missouri and Rope Meyers Rodeo School in Van, Texas. These schools will teach you the technicalities of the game and will help you a great deal in competing at the highest level.

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    Take part in amateur competitions

    You should register yourself with the local rodeo cowboy organizations and start taking part in the competitions at the beginners’ level. If you spend a sufficient amount of time playing alongside amateurs, you will be in a much better position to take on the professionals later in your career.

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    Join PRCA or WPRA

    Once you feel that you are ready to become a professional and can compete against the best in the business, join the PRCA or WPRA, which is your first major step towards becoming a professional. There is a membership fee involved, but do not worry because it also covers your medical insurance in case you are injured.

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    Compete in ‘open’ events

    Both PRCA and WPRA organise some ‘open’ events, which allow the new riders to showcase their potential. By performing well in these tournaments, you can enhance your chances of taking part in all the major rodeo cowboy competitions.

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