How to Avoid Super Bowl Ticket Fraud

The main event of the National Football League (NFL), Super Bowl, is as much prone to ticket frauds as are other sports in the world. Every year a number of NFL title game lovers are ripped off through online ticket frauds, as they make desperate efforts to get hold of tickets to watch the match live in the stadium. Still, they can avoid these frauds and prevent themselves from being looted of their precious resources if they take some steps that include watching of the game on television or big screens in the parks if they somehow cannot get tickets through legitimate means.


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    If you want to plan to watch the Super Bowl game at all costs, do not leave the ticket arrangements for the last hour. Try to buy tickets earlier, and the ticket sales normally are completed almost half a year before the game, just as the new season begins. Try to buy ticket at that time, not at the end when the game is just around the corner. Normally ticket frauds start when the two teams into the Super Bowl become evident.

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    Still if you somehow did not manage to buy a ticket through genuine means, do not try end-hour efforts to buy tickets. This will expose you to fraudsters who are on looking for such opportunities. They generally target die-hard fans of the team who want to attend the game at all costs.

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    It is better to always buy tickets from trusted websites, which can be official websites of the two teams into the Super Bowl game or the official website of the National Football League (NFL). Some newspapers and sports information websites also offer sales of tickets that can be trusted. Do not buy tickets from some unknown auction sites. Also use a general guideline for buying the tickets.

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    When you buy tickets online, make payments through secure means. For example, if you buy tickets from eBay, make payment through PayPal, because you will have the option of recovering your amount in case tickets are not delivered. However, still there is no guarantee if your tickets are fake, PayPal can refund you the money.

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    Use general guidelines to check the originality of the tickets. For example, genuine tickets have hologram printed on their back and they are printed in thermo-chromic ink. The NFL and teams generally release guidelines as the Super Bowl game nears and warn the people about the possibility of online ticket frauds. Make sure you read these guidelines carefully and prevent yourself becoming a potential victim of the fraud.

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    If you know someone is offering tickets in black, report to the NFL and avoid buying those tickets. If all of the football fans stop buying tickets in the black, this will discourage the spread of ticket frauds. Since people themselves make desperate attempts to buy tickets even at the last hour, this makes them easy prey to fraudsters who are always on the look for opportunity to make some money in the exploitative nature of the market.

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