How to Get Cheats for Xbox 360

Are you having difficulty playing a certain game on the Xbox360? Would you like to get hold of cheats or walkthroughs for this game? With several games available to play on Xbox360, you can find walkthroughs and cheats for all of them online. These cheats will be available on different websites and you will have to browse through all of them in order to find the ones you need. In order to avoid visiting a website full of spammers, here is a list of all the legit places where you can find cheats for most of the Xbox360 games.


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    This website caters to different gaming consoles. You can not only find cheats for Xbox360, but also for PC and PS3. Once you visit the website, you might experience a few unnecessary pop-ups, but you can simply close them down and click on Xbox360 in order to access a portal where a list of games will be provided to you. You can either search for a game by typing down its name in the search bar, or you can click on an alphabet to see a list of all the games with that letter. Different users can post their own cheats as well and once you click on a game you will notice how different cheats have been written by different users of the website. These cheats have been rated by users as well and it will make it easier for you to know which cheat is actually going to work and which cheat wont. Moreover, you can also comment under a certain post made by a user and by reading those comments you can find answers to all the FAQ’s regarding a certain game.

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    As the name suggests, this website is solely designed for to provide visitors with games which can be played on Xbox360 gaming console. The website claims that it has more than 6500 cheats for this gaming console and this number covers up almost all the games. Similar to the link in the first step, this website also gives you an option to either search for a game in the search bar provided to you on the right, or you can simply click on an alphabet to reveal all the games starting from a particular letter. Moreover, to make things easier for an everyday Xbox360 user, three lists have been provided on the homepage: Recently added cheats, most popular cheats and top rated cheats. 

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