To Buy or Not to Buy Grand Theft Auto 5

About two months ago my brother purchaced the game Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V). I have been playing it and I have enjoyed it but there are a few things I’m not fond of. In the game it’s all about robberies, betrayal and corruption. In my opinion there are not enough robberies though. I love the storyline but you only get to rob two or three places and money is a very easy thing to blow through. Cars, ammo, and guns are all very expensive products that you can buy. Real estate is a very expensive thing in GTA V also. So, in the long run, heists are your main source of money in the game.

Another problem I have is that I find the game short. In fact, I find it too short. If the game was longer and a bit more difficult it would be my favorite game, but now due to those two variables it’s not. I found while playing the game that if you are more of an intense gamer who goes for a challenge or a person that wants the whole story up front, this game is not for you. If you’re a gamer that just wants to have fun like me then you’ve found the game for you. That is my opinion on the video game Grand Theft Auto V. I hope you take this into consideration when you consider buying the game.

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