Runescape – Online Role Playing Game: The Biggest Online Multiplayer Role Player Game

Runscape is one of the largest 3D online multiplayer games out there. If you enjoy role playing games, then you will love Runescape. It offers free to play and pay to play options. The great thing is that if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on something like that, there are plenty of things to do on the free to play version. If you decide that you would like to pay to play, only $5.00 a month you can have a membership. If you do not have a Credit card available, no problem for only $6.99 you can pay by phone.

There are regular updates to the game as well. New things are added all the time such as new monster, quests, armor, places and things. There are players from all over the world and of all ages that play and enjoy this game. You are able to interact with these players as well. You are able to buy, sale and trade with them which is an awesome thing and great way to make some money. If you have something that another player wants, that means money in the bank. There are general shops, food shops; armor and weapon shops and you even have a bank to store your money (GP – short for gold pieces) and items in.

The time is set back in the mid evil type of times with castles, Kings and Knights. You are able to choose your characters looks; from facial features to hair and clothes. There are a ton of monsters to kill, skills to build up, quests to do and treasures to win. When you first start off on Runescape you will go to Tutorial Island. This is where you will learn all the basic skills needed to survive in the Runecape world. In the Runescape world you must hunt your food, cook your food, and make your armor and weapons, and much more. Now, don’t let Tutorial Island fool you, it goes kind of slow and does not leave the best first impression but when you go to the main land the true fun begins. You have a choice of being a “pure” which means that you specialize in one combative area; melee, ranging, or magic. If you want to be a well rounded player, you can do them all.

There are many skills that your character can do. Of course there are the combat skills to make your character strong and able to kill huge monsters that drop very valuable items. These skills are Melee, Ranging and Magic. When you bury the bones of the monster’s you kill, you build up prayer which will help you to protect yourself from enemies. Fishing is a very important skill to have because the fish you catch and cook heal you when you are injured by your enemy. Woodcutting and firemaking are also very important skills to have for cooking and fletching. Fletching is a member only skill that allows you to make your own bows and arrows.

Crafting is a skill that helps you make the things you need to progress in the game. Mining and smithing allow you to make your own weapons and armor. Runecrafting is a major skill and will save you a lot of money on the game if you are into magic because it allows you to make the runes to cast spells. Several more skills that can be very beneficial but are only member skills are agility, farming, herblore, thieving and slayer. Herblore allows you to make potions for healing and to raise your levels for a short time. Slayer is a skill that is needed to fight certain monsters that drop very valuable items. The newest and most anticipated skill is Construction. This is skill allows you to build and own your own house in the Runescape world. Those of us who have been playing for some time have been awaiting this skill. As of May 31, 2006 it was added on one of their updates.

There is a ton of different quest to do. Some quests are really short and some are very hard and long. You get a reward with every quest you complete. Some of them just offer a little money and a quest point and some of them offer experience points to certain skills and even access to hidden areas of Runescape. There are several guilds that you can become a member of as your character grows as well. There is a crafting guild, a cooking guild, a hero’s guild among many more. There is a place of the Runescape world called “The Wild” and this area is where you are able to fight other players.

If you win the fight, you get their items but if you loose, they get yours. You can also earn skull and crossbones that hover over your head for a bit after defeating another player for bragging rights. There are many great things to do in the wild and awesome monsters to fight if you dare take the chance! If you like to fight other players but don’t want to risk loosing your items, then take a trip to the dueling arena. Here you can stake money or items or stake nothing at all and fight other players without the risk of loosing items you don’t want to loose.

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