How to Make Enemies at Pubcon

A group of early web search engine optimisers and webmasters gathered at a pub in London 2000, which gave birth to the tradition of holding a pub conference known as Pubcon.

It is a series of search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media marketing conference and expos, held in a various European and United States cities.

When attending the Pubcon is a must for anyone related to the social media and SEO marketing field for obvious reasons, the experience can also turn into a bitter one if you are rude to your fellow attendees or offend them in some other way.


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    One of the most effective ways of making enemies at Pubcon is to criticise the business or quality of services of your fellow attendance at the conference. Since the conference is about exchanging views and speaking on matters that are related to the social media and search engine optimisation, the last thing that anyone wants to hear while attending the Pubcon is that their company is not doing a very good job.

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    While speaking at Pubcon, spend a minute or more to talk about your own company and why you think it is the best in the business. While an introduction is important, blowing your own trumpets will only make the people at the conference dislike you. Continue doing this for a while and you will find people wishing to never come across your face again.

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    Chewing gum while speaking at the Pubcon is bound to make you come off as an ill-mannered and rude person. The chewing gum has become somewhat of a fashion for some people, it is still widely considered improper, especially at conferences and events. Pubcon expects people to maintain a very mature attitude, not act like teenagers.

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    If you are moderating a panel at Pubcon, you will be able to instantly make a person or all the representatives of that company instantly loathe you by pronouncing its name incorrectly and then making for it the name.

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    Allowing your cell-phone to ring at full volume, or simply playing a game with the sound turned to the maximum volume will not win you any fans either. Always keep in mind that people are attending Pubcon to listen and be heard, not just kill time. The more people you are effectively able to distract and disturb, the more enemies you will manage to make.

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    If you are moderating a panel, make your lack of interest evident by texting on your cell-phone while the speaker is at the podium.

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