How to Try to Avoid Going to a Concert

Many people do not like going to concerts but their friends and family members always insist them to come along and they have to go even if they are not willing to go there. However, there are many clever people who do not go to concerts by making up a plan that convince their friends and family members and they do not insist for attending the concert. If you also want to avoid going to a concert then take help from this article which will help you to learn the tricks that will keep you away from attending the concert.


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    First of all, you need to plan different activities on the day of concert because these activities will keep you busy which will be helpful for you to avoid going to the concert.

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    Make sure you plan activities of your interest for the same day in which the concert will take place. It will help you to stay busy in those activities that you love to do and in this way, you will avoid even thinking about the concert.

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    Also try to find negative aspects of the concert which will help you to avoid thinking about the attending the concert. It will also help you avoid any regret after missing the concert.

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    You can also plan different things with your friends like going out for a picnic or for a new movie that you have not yet got a chance to watch.

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    Make such planning that keeps you busy on the day of concert because in this way you will not be wasting your time and you will also feel better considering that you have done something productive.

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    Try to convince all of your friends, who are forcing you to go with them to attend the concert, by saying that you have to complete an assignment or a project and cannot attend the concert.

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    You can also spend your time by playing your favourite video game at the time of concert which will keep you completely busy and you will not think about going to the concert.

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    Try to get a long sleep on the day of concert as it will also help you to avoid going to the concert. Also keep yourself busy in different things that appeal you.

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