Hug a Friend Day Overview

There comes a time in our lives when we need someone to share our happiness with, to celebrate successes, or to cry with when grief-stricken. These are the people to whom we owe much more than we realize. In such an active world where everyone is enthusiastic to attain their desired goals and objectives, nobody has time to express gratitude and affection to those good old pals who once used to be close to you. Often times in the middle of work or business, our thoughts are carried back to a memorable time spent with a good friend. And all we do is stop for a while, smile and then move on. But sometimes a little smile is not enough, and it is important to let our friends know how much we love them. 26th of April is a day for you to leave everything behind and give a hug to your friend on this harmonious day called Hug a Friend Day. That friend can be your colleagues, staff member, study mate or any one that you think had an impact over your life to make it better even by a single act or word. But make sure to hug not just for the sake of the day, but do it with real feeling of love and happiness.


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    History and origin

    Although no significant information about the history and origin of the day is available, yet it is assumed that this day resembles and associates with the two most spiritedly celebrated national days i.e. Friendship day and Hug day. Hug a friend day possesses the essence of both these events and that is why people sometimes confuse it to be a National day. However, it's not created and announced by the government but people who are aware of it rejoice on this day with great vitality.

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    Purpose of the Day

    One obvious rationale behind this day is to reduce and eliminate distances among friends. It has been noticed that there exists a lag between close relations due to the clandestine attitudes of majority of people. Hug a friend day gives such people an opportunity to reveal their inner most affection and concern for their friends.

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    Benefits of Hugging

    Hug a friend day not only affects us emotionally, but it has its impacts on our mental and physical health as well. According to Dr. Karen Grewen, a psychologist at University of North Carolina, the process of hugging causes a body to secrete Oxytocin, which is a bonding hormone. Increased amounts of Oxytocin in the blood helps balance blood pressure, lower heart rate, and reduce the amount of Cortisol hormones resulting in lower levels of stress and resultantly, bring an improvement in your mood. Dolores Krieger is a therapeutic touch expert and has proved by her research that whenever we touch or hug, the production of hemoglobin in blood increases and causes sufficient oxygen supply throughout the body, making us feel healthier and better. Research has proved that hugging helps to stimulate brain cells and helps brain to work properly and efficiently.

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    Celebrating Hug a Friend Day

    This incredible day is celebrated every year in several countries of the world with the spirit of love and harmony. People adopt different exciting and surprising ways to celebrate the day with their friends. To know more about ways to celebrate Hug a friend day, Kindly visit How to Celebrate Hug a Friend Day.

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