How to Have the Perfect Star Trek Marathon

If you are a big fan of Star Trek then gathering your friends and family for a Star Trek marathon can be a lot of fun. Watching Star Trek movies, television series and having discussions on the different characters all night is just a small part of what you can do to have a successful Star Trek marathon. Most fans are usually willing to hang out with other fans for an all night marathon of Star Trek. If you want to have the perfect Star Trek marathon then you can follow some easy guidelines to get you started.


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    Find location:

    If you are going to be inviting a lot of people to your Star Trek marathon then make sure you have enough space. If your house or garage is big enough for the number of guests you will be expecting then have your marathon there. However, it might be a better idea to find a big hall which can accommodate many people.

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    Rent audio / video equipment:

    One of the main activities of having a Star Trek marathon is to watch old episodes and movies of this famous science fiction show. It is a good idea to rent out large screens or projectors which you can have constantly running throughout the night with different movies and television episodes of Star Trek.

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    Dress code:

    Have a strict dress code which will be entirely based on Star Trek. All of your guests will be required to dress up like their favourite Star Trek character during your marathon. Be sure that you are also dressed like a Star Trek character as well.

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    Be sure to decorate your location with a Star Trek style theme throughout. This will definitely please all the guests as they will feel that they are actually on the starship Enterprise just like in Star Trek.

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    Plan menu:

    Make sure that you have a properly planned menu for your Star Trek marathon. You may want to cater the event depending on the number of guests that you have invited. Try to make the menu unique with a science fiction feel to it.

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    Plan fun activities:

    You can plan some fun activities that are all related to Star Trek for your marathon. Design a trivia game to test the Star Trek knowledge of the guests and have prizes for the winners. This will keep the guests engaged and help them to have some fun as well.

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    Spread the word:

    Spread the word to everyone that you know about your Star Trek marathon. You can also post information about your Star Trek marathon on social media websites. Use the internet to get the word out about your Star Trek marathon to ensure the maximum number of fans come and enjoy themselves.

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